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Workers’ Compensation – Disability – Release to Work – Burden of Proof – Shoulder Injury (access required)

McCoy v. Aramark Corp. Where plaintiff received a full-duty work release, did not look for work following that release, and did not show that it would be futile for him to search for employment, plaintiff failed to prove that he remained disabled. Plaintiff is entitled to temporary total disability benefits from Feb. 6, 2009 through Feb. 22, 2010. Defendants shall pay medical expenses related to plaintiff’s shoulder injury, and there is a substantial risk that he will need future medical treatment for his right shoulder.

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Workers’ Compensation – Causation – Shoulder Injury – Later Neck Pain – Degenerative Condition (access required)

Steen v. Triad International Maintenance Corp. (Lawyers Weekly No. 10-08-0994, 12 pp.) (Laura Kranifeld Mavretic, Commissioner) Appealed from Opinion & Award of Deputy Commissioner Bradley W. Houser. I.C. No. 839303. Holding: Despite undergoing shoulder exams that involved his neck, plaintiff ...

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