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Law Tech Talk: Social media for women lawyers

Social media can be a powerful rainmaking tool for women lawyers because social media plays to their professional strengths. Studies have shown that women lawyers are reluctant to promote their accomplishments and for that reason, social media is a great fit for women attorneys. It allows them to demonstrate their substantive knowledge without having to brazenly promote themselves. Women also excel at communicating and collaborating, traits that social networking facilitates and rewards.

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Law Tech Talk: Making social media work for large firms

I've been giving a lot of thought to how Big Law can effectively use social media ever since I spoke at King & Spalding's Atlanta office in mid-August. During my presentation on social media, a member of the audience asked if I was aware of any large law firms that were using social media well. No single firm stood out in my mind, and for good reason.

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Web 2.0 adds new ethics twists to legal marketing (access required)

By CORREY STEPHENSON, Lawyers USA, the national sister paper of Lawyers Weekly correy.stephenson@lawyersusaonline.com   While many lawyers are taking advantage of abundant networking and marketing opportunities using Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, they should be aware of ...

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What social media isn’t (access required)

Social media is not for everyone. And, it's not a magic bullet. Social media won't make you a great lawyer. Only hard work and experience can do that. It can, however, make you a better lawyer when used to bring relevant information to you that will help you stay up to date on your areas of practice.

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