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Tort/Negligence – Collision with School Bus – Stop Sign – Proper Lookout – Speeding

Thomas v. Union County Board of Education The Industrial Commission’s finding and conclusion that the defendant’s school bus driver was not negligent were supported by substantial evidence: The bus driver, corroborated by the motorist behind the bus, testified that she stopped at a stop sign, looked both ways, pulled up further to get a better view and looked both ways again. Not seeing any traffic, she proceeded to cross the road. When the bus was over half way across the road, the front of plaintiff’s car struck the bus between the front and back tires.

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Plaintiff’s speeding complicates wrongful death case

A car crash that left an 80-year-old man with fatal brain damage has settled confidentially for $1.75 million. The October 2008 crash occurred when a small commercial truck ran a stop sign. The plaintiff, driving from the truck driver's right, hit the truck's front-side corner, causing the truck to flip over and skid to the other side of the intersection. The plaintiff's vehicle stayed upright but sustained massive damage. The plaintiff suffered traumatic brain injury that he never recovered from, said his family's Wilmington attorney, M. Troy Slaughter.

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Scribner’s Error: Pushing the limits of reasonableness and prudence

"Reasonable and prudent." That was the daytime speed limit in Montana for a breezy four years after Congress in 1995 lifted its draconian, federally mandated limits, which first imposed the pokey "double-nickel" 55-mph limit that was later softened to 65. Does that mean that there was an American Autobahn in Big Sky Country in the late '90s? Not exactly.

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