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Digital sleuthing (access required)

digital lock

Until recently, the phrase “private investigator” would likely conjure images of Sam Spade tailing a cheating spouse. That kind of work has long been a staple of family law and criminal defense attorneys, but these days the most lucrative part of the gumshoe business is “corporate intelligence”—the investigative firms that specialize in sniffing around corporations, often to assist with pending litigation.

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Workers’ Compensation – Disability – Symptom Magnification – Surveillance (access required)

Rumfelt v. N.C. Baptist Hospital Plaintiff insists on using a cane when she knows she is being watched, but surveillance footage shows her walking with neither a cane nor a limp and carrying items with both hands. No doctor has taken her out of work. Despite her use of a cane during her functional capacity evaluation, she was shown capable of sedentary work.

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