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Taxing evasion (access required)

Defendant Teresa Beal was not pleased when Watauga County foreclosed upon and sold her rental property without, as she puts it, doing its due diligence to locate her and personally talk to her about her delinquent property taxes. Instead, Beal ...

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TAXHOVA’s Witness (access required)

If you’re going into the business of preparing tax returns for clients, the No. 1 rule is probably that you shouldn’t start churning out bogus tax returns for them. And you definitely shouldn’t call attention to your business by setting ...

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About that airport I own… (access required)

Paul Douglas Tharp may have had a few slight oversights on his recent tax returns. Namely, federal prosecutors allege the Lexington man failed to report that he owned an airport and an investment firm that generated “significant income.” Then there ...

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