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Law Tech Talk: Making social media work for large firms

I've been giving a lot of thought to how Big Law can effectively use social media ever since I spoke at King & Spalding's Atlanta office in mid-August. During my presentation on social media, a member of the audience asked if I was aware of any large law firms that were using social media well. No single firm stood out in my mind, and for good reason.

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Why you need to switch to digital client files now (access required)

"Here's a question that's posed to me from time to time: 'What do you see as the biggest technological issue facing law firms?' My answer: the stubborn insistence of so many lawyers in clinging to paper client files. In my opinion, every single lawyer needs to commit to using digital files. I know the list of excuses by heart. Well, at the risk of offending some, you need to get over it," guest columnist Jim Calloway writes.

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Capping e-discovery costs in smaller cases requires creativity (access required)

Electronic discovery shouldn't cost more than a case is worth. Uncovering relevant electronic evidence has become critical in a wide range of civil litigation, from divorce cases to business disputes. But keeping a lid on e-discovery costs can be challenging, especially in smaller cases. To curb e-discovery costs, Conrad Jacoby, an attorney and litigation technology consultant in the Washington, D.C., area, recommends "thinking creatively."

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Copiers’ memories can cause information leaks (access required)

Most copy machines in use today are digital. The reason they can do so many things so quickly is because they have hard drives that can store tens of thousands of pages of documents. And if that hard drive isn't cleaned before the copier is returned to a rental agency or resold, that information has left the law office. Erik Mazzone (pictured), director of the N.C. Bar Association's Center for Practice Management, said that copiers are expensive items, and most law firms lease theirs. When those copiers are being returned to the leasing agent, attorneys need to make sure the hard drive is clean.

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