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That dotSucks

DotSucks has been stirring things up since at least 2015, when Fortune magazine called it “the most controversial domain name on the internet.” Back then, the company behind, Vox Populi Registry Ltd., was making headlines for selling .sucks website ...

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A biscuit by any other name

U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn of Charlotte is no flake when it comes to biscuits. But Cogburn, who recently confessed to being something of a fast food connoisseur given all the time he spends commuting to and from court, might ...

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Contract – Dealership – Termination – Intellectual Property – Trademark – Website Address – North & South Carolina Statutes

Ditch Witch of Charlotte, Inc. v. Bandit Industries (Lawyers Weekly No. 004-004-17, 20 pp.) (Graham Mullen, J.) 3:15-cv-00181; W.D.N.C. Holding: Even though, after the parties’ dealership agreement ended, plaintiff maintained a website address that included defendant’s name, since the content ...

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