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Scribner’s Error: Pushing the limits of reasonableness and prudence

"Reasonable and prudent." That was the daytime speed limit in Montana for a breezy four years after Congress in 1995 lifted its draconian, federally mandated limits, which first imposed the pokey "double-nickel" 55-mph limit that was later softened to 65. Does that mean that there was an American Autobahn in Big Sky Country in the late '90s? Not exactly.

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Allegations leveled against driving school

The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into alleged improprieties at the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, a nonprofit organization that offers defensive driving courses in 54 counties in the state. The investigation in Mecklenburg County was confirmed by an attorney who represents a former employee of the driving school who was terminated in September. The employee's name is Cathey Byrd.

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Trial & Error: That ‘fool for a client’ axiom? All true

Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa. That's Latin for I screwed up big-time. I was so sure I was on solid ground back in July when I wrote a column taking on those guys who solicit business from people who've gotten traffic tickets. You know, the traffic-ticket firms who get lists of folks who have committed some minor infraction and then send them letters that seemed designed to scare the bejeezus out of them. Hire us, they say, or you'll be in worse trouble than you imagined.

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I hope you can see me

Hopefully as you read this I am not peeling myself off the pavement of some Charlotte intersection. I think I am a glutton for punishment because I enjoy long-distance running. Charlotte is not the most fitting place to try to ...

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