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NC law schools award close to 1,500 degrees

North Carolina’s seven law schools wrapped up another round of commencements this month, granting law degrees to approximately 1,490. Here’s a look at the totals. Campbell University School of Law, May 9, 250 graduates. North Carolina Central University School of ...

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More schools, fewer students

The laws of supply and demand may apply to legal education after all. Eight years ago, over 100,000 students applied to law school nationally, but this year, in the face of relentlessly downbeat news about the employment prospects for lawyers, applications have cratered. Only about 67,000 applicants are expected — but the number of accredited law schools is higher than ever.

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Law professors debate the amendment’s effects

You could call it a battle of dueling academics. The stand-off started with a report produced by family law professors at the UNC School of Law, which argued that Amendment One was vaguely worded and that it could cause major, unexpected ramifications for several areas of family law beyond same-sex marriage. That led to a rebuttal by three family law professors from Campbell School of Law, who argued that the report was poorly reasoned because judges could easily figure out the intent of the amendment and apply it narrowly to same-sex marriage.

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Making the grade

It might come as a surprise that a performance review website owned by MTV would register on the radar of a distinguished law professor. But, a site where college students can grade their teachers and order pizza from Domino’s at the same time, certainly got under the skin of University of North Carolina School of Law professor Michael L. Corrado.

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