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Are Zoom depositions making us all crazy?  (access required)

By Margaret E. Somerset  BridgeTower Media Newswires  The “new normal” of practicing law remotely has its challenges. Zoom depositions are one of them.  Preparation is tedious. Computer screens notoriously freeze mid-sentence. And how about those lawyers who love using the limitations of ...

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Commentary: Can Zoom support business humor? (access required)

By Angela Colon-Mahoney Humor in the workplace: Is it dead? Or simply deadpan? With professional conferences, networking, and business development now governed by a Zoom screen measured in inches, problematic Wi-Fi, bad lighting, and domestic photobombing, can business humor ever ...

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How to combat ‘Zoom fatigue’ (access required)

By Kathleen Driscoll BridgeTower Media Newswires “Our senior leaders want us to have our teams do a six-hour online training program. I know that it’s necessary to cover this material — and doing it all at one time is the ...

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