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Durham attorney disbarred (March 2022)

Attorney: Brian Matthew Love

Location: Durham

Bar membership: Member since 2010

Disciplinary action: Disbarred on March 14

Background: Love used the personal information of his then-wife and ex-wife to falsely register online accounts in their names and impersonate them in sexually explicit communications with numerous men. Love obtained sexually explicit images of these victims without their consent and used the fraudulent accounts to repeatedly text them with the intent to harass them and cause them substantial emotional distress. Love was charged in federal court with twenty counts of wire fraud, two counts of aggravated identity theft, two counts of stalking, and one count of transmitting interstate communications with intent to extort. Love pleaded guilty to and was convicted of aggravated identity theft and stalking. Love surrendered his law license voluntarily, acknowledging that the facts upon which the investigation was predicated are true, and if disciplinary charges were predicated upon them he could not successfully defend against them.

Previous discipline: None

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