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Morehead City attorney censured (access required)

Attorney: John E. Way Location: Morehead City Bar membership: Member since 1981 Disciplinary action: Censured on Aug. 19 Background: In 2016 Way prepared a general warranty deed conveying a piece of real property from his client to the client and ...

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Chapel Hill attorney reprimanded (access required)

Attorney: Isabel L. Guzman-Uresty Location: Chapel Hill Bar membership: Member since 2002 Disciplinary action: Reprimanded on May 11 Background: Guzman-Uresty had been employed as an associate attorney by Alexander Lapinski, who pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful procurement of ...

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Charlotte attorney censured (access required)

Attorney: Bradley E. Pearce Location: Charlotte Bar membership: Member since 1991 Disciplinary action: Censured on May 11 Background: Pearce represented clients in a bankruptcy case. He filed a motion on behalf of the clients to disqualify an opposing attorney and ...

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Raleigh attorney censured (access required)

Attorney: Eva F. Lee Location: Raleigh Bar membership: Member since 1999 Disciplinary action: Censured on May 11 Background: In February 2019, Lee sent an email to the attorney serving as the guardian of the estate of I.W., expressing her belief ...

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Charlotte attorney’s suspension extended (access required)

Attorney: David B. Hefferon Location: Charlotte Bar membership: Member since 2016 Disciplinary action: Hefferon’s suspension from the practice of law was extended from one year to 18 months on July 16. The suspension remains stayed for two years. Background: Hefferon ...

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