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The Power List

North Carolina Lawyers Weekly is proud to present The Power List, which recognizes leading attorneys in a particular area of the law.
We’re actively seeking your nominations for the most respected attorneys in each of the practices to be featured in our Power Lists.
Our next Power List will recognize attorneys in the field of Real Estate Law. The deadline for nominations for our Real Estate Law Power List is Friday, April 22.
We’re looking for:
• A lawyer who is an expert in his or her field, well-versed in the nuances of the case law, statutes and regulations clients will encounter.
• A lawyer who is experienced and enjoys a record of success, with many cases and/or transactions that give testimony to the quality advice he or she can provide.
• A lawyer to whom other lawyers make referrals because of his or her expertise and accomplishments.
• A lawyer who models professionalism and collegiality in his or her interactions with other members of the legal system.
• A lawyer who can think creatively and identify all options for a client.
• A lawyer you would name when a friend from another state calls and says she has a client who needs some legal help in a given part of our state.
• A lawyer you might call yourself if you needed legal help in his or her field.

The Power List Lawyers Nomination Form

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