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Bond brawl brewing (access required)

Brunswick County Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis is butting heads with twin brother prosecutors over their push to keep accused heroin and fentanyl traffickers locked up under $1 million bonds. Lewis, who is receiving treatment for liver cancer ...

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Tort/Negligence – Sovereign Immunity – Insurance – Interlocutory Appeal – Bond – Negligence – Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress (access required)

Johnson v. Causey. Because a sheriff's deputy was acting outside the scope of his employment when he allegedly sexually assaulted an inmate, he was not a "covered person" under the county's liability insurance policy such that sovereign immunity had been waived to the extent of the policy. Summary judgment in favor of the sheriff was proper where the plaintiff failed to forecast evidence sufficient to sustain a claim of negligence. The county was not liable for the actions of the deputy because G.S. § 153A-103(1) vests the exclusive right to hire, discharge and supervise deputies with the sheriff.

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