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U.S. Supreme Court

Dec 1, 2023

O’Connor, first woman on US Supreme Court, has died at 93

WASHINGTON — Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, an unwavering voice of moderate conservatism and the first woman to serve on the nation’s highest court, died Friday. She was 93. O’Connor died in Phoenix, of complications related to advanced dementia and a respiratory illness, the Supreme Court said in a news release. Chief Justice […]

Dec 1, 2023

Judicial activists subpoena vote splits Judiciary Committee

WASHINGTON — Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to authorize subpoenas for two prominent conservatives who arranged luxury travel and other benefits for Supreme Court justices, but Republicans challenged the legitimacy of the move and pledged to withhold support for enforcing the legal order. The committee chairman, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., pushed through […]

Nov 14, 2023

US Supreme Court adopts ethics code

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday adopted its first code of ethics, in the face of sustained criticism over undisclosed trips and gifts from wealthy benefactors to some justices, but the code lacks a means of enforcement. The policy, agreed to by all nine justices, does not appear to impose any significant new requirements […]

Nov 7, 2023

Domestic violence survivor backs gun-control law

WASHINGTON — Ruth Glenn knows from harrowing personal experience the danger of putting a gun in the hands of a violent spouse or partner, the issue at the heart of a case before the Supreme Court. On a beautiful June evening in 1992, Glenn was shot three times, twice in the head, and left for […]

Nov 1, 2023

Supreme Court hears social media cases

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court wrestled Tuesday with whether public officials can block critics from commenting on their social media accounts, an issue that first arose in a case involving former President Donald Trump. The justices heard arguments in two cases involving lawsuits filed by people who were blocked after leaving critical comments on social […]

Oct 17, 2023

High court ruling is defeat for NC ‘ag-gag’ law

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday rejected North Carolina’s appeal in a dispute with animal rights groups over a law aimed at preventing undercover employees at farms and other workplaces from taking documents or recording video. The justices left in place a legal victory for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in its […]

Oct 16, 2023

High court case could sway federal tax policy

WASHINGTON — Charles and Kathleen Moore are about to have their day in the Supreme Court over a $15,000 tax bill they contend is unconstitutional. The couple from Redmond, Washington, claim they had to pay the money because of their investment in an Indian company from which, as Charles Moore, 62, said in a sworn […]

Oct 2, 2023

Supreme Court opens new term today

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court seems a bit quieter than in recent years, as the justices begin a new term. Major cases await, as they always do, including several challenges to regulatory agencies and efforts to regulate social media platforms. But nothing yet seems on par with conservative-driven decisions overturning Roe v. Wade’s right to […]

Aug 24, 2023

Effects of website designer ruling uncertain 

By Samantha Stetzero  MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — It’s too early to assess the ramifications of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling that a Christian graphic artist who wants to design wedding websites can refuse to work with same-sex couples, according to some Minnesota legal experts.  “The boundaries of the Supreme Court’s decision will be worked overtime,” […]

Aug 16, 2023

Court’s term was rough on big business 

By Troy Shelton   For a while now, the U.S. Supreme Court has been considered the friend of big business.   Sometimes that characterization holds true. But other times, like in this just completed term, big business was a big loser.  The biggest loss didn’t involve any businesses as parties. Nonetheless, in the Students for Fair Admissions […]

Jul 27, 2023

Supreme Court OKs work on natural-gas pipeline

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is allowing construction to resume on a contested natural-gas pipeline that is being built through Virginia and West Virginia. Work on the Mountain Valley Pipeline had been blocked by the federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, even after Congress included the project's approval as part of the bipartisan bill increasing the debt ceiling. President Joe Bid[...]

Jul 21, 2023

Senate committee backs stronger ethical standards for Supreme Court justices

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court would have to abide by stronger ethics standards under legislation approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It comes in response to recent revelations about donor-funded trips by justices. The bill faced united opposition from Republicans and has little chance to make it through the full Senate. The legislation would set ethics rules for the court and a pro[...]

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