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Pants on fire (access required)

The other day in Miami, a criminal defense lawyer was starting his closing argument when his trousers began smoking, then burst into flames. He was defending an arson case. Stephen Gutierrez ran out of the courtroom, then returned to finish ...

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A burning ring of fire (access required)

Few things will attract more scrutiny than a suspicious fire that engulfs a lawyer’s office the night before the state bar is scheduled to drop by to perform a random audit. So when a law firm in Mocksville, a small ...

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No malice, just suspicion (access required)


Like a convoluted tale out of a Raymond Chandler novel, the case had undertones of arson, fraud, death—and motocross. At the end of it, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that an insurance investigator was not liable for malicious prosecution because the final say for pursuing a case rests with the police.

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