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Skip the hugs and kisses in your professional email (access required)

DETROIT -- Maybe it’s just my old-fashioned sensibility (I did hit the double nickel, after all), but a web post touting “XOXO” as a sign off on email hit me as odd (ball). Author Barbara Bogaev writes in the Marketplace Tech area of American Public Media online, that the use of XOXO — hugs and kisses — is becoming a more commonplace email signoff among women.

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What I’ve Learned About Life On The Way To The Courthouse: What I learned from the dog and the skunk

One of the most valuable lessons I learned about being a lawyer I learned before I started law school. I worked as a runner for a law firm in college. The firm was a prominent, old-line firm with a good book of business, and it had some high-powered lawyers to take care of that business. One of the lawyers was particularly bright, and well regarded for his intellect. He had graduated No. 1 in his class at a top 10 law school. And he had the ego to go along with it.

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