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Mecklenburg district judge reprimanded

A North Carolina district court judge was publicly reprimanded May 11 for failing to issue a ruling on a case for more than two years and three months.

The North Carolina Supreme Court reprimanded Judge Gary Henderson of Charlotte for violating judicial canons by failing to issue a ruling and for ignoring requests for a ruling by parties to the case.

Henderson was reprimanded for a case dating back to November 2014 in which a judgment on a motion for attorney’s fees was requested.

After about a year and a half of requests for judgment, the defendant in the case contacted Chief District Court Judge Regan Miller in July 2016. In the email, the defendant expressed frustration over the 18-month delay. Miller then reached out to Henderson to follow up on the defendant’s claims.

Henderson responded to Miller’s email by saying he would be “making a decision soon” and that his only excuse for the delay was his “dread’ of the case.

By November of that year the defendant filed a complaint with the Judicial Standards Commission, and in March of 2017, Henderson issued the order.

In their order, the Supreme Court noted that Henderson “has an excellent reputation in his community” and that he cooperated fully with the commission’s investigation. Furthermore, they said the misconduct appears to be isolated. As a result, he received a reprimand.

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