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Sep 10, 2010

ADR can ease pain of divorces

    By DAVID BAUGHER, Dolan Media Newswires   Divorce can mean a protracted, sometimes hostile court fight fraught with uncertainty for both parties. But recent shifts away from the adversarial process in divorce law may mean that the biggest uncertainty is the question of whether the issue ends up in court at all. “I’ve […]

Aug 12, 2010

Lousy real estate market makes it harder for couples to split

The collapse of the real estate market and the effects of the recession have thrown the once relatively predictable practice of family law into turmoil, with attorneys having to learn new skills, work harder to calm down anxious clients, and even wait longer for payment. "It's presenting a whole new set of challenges, and we weren't especially well equipped to do that," said Lee Rosen, who practic[...]

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