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From BigLaw to big dreams

For anyone who spent their childhood building make-believe worlds out of Lego bricks, the creations of artist Nathan Sawaya are awe-inspiring. Each work in “The Art of The Brick,” an exhibition of Sawaya’s work, sparks amazement at what can be ...

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Senator urges more transparency on law school employment data

A high-profile voice has joined the call for the American Bar Association to change its rules for how law schools report employment and salary data to prospective students - a push for transparency that North Carolina educators welcome, especially given the increasing recognition that schools nationwide are fudging statistics to elevate their rankings. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., sent a letter to ABA President Stephen Zack on March 31 seeking a "detailed summary" of the organization's plans to implement reforms.

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A fool’s comment made in haste

If you asked many people who know a lawyer how they would describe the personality type of that lawyer, it would not take them very long until the got to the "A" word. Lawyers are known far and wide as "A" type personalities. That's generally not a bad thing, of course. No one gets much of any place worth going without some focus and intensity.

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Guest Commentary: Lawyers operate in different universe from clients

In a recent conversation with two lawyer friends, we each commiserated that, despite the differences in each of our practices, clients often use us as a sounding board to vent their frustrations. (A not so cheap sounding board, I might add.) Recounting the meeting that had made him late to our gathering, one friend explained that he had come from an engagement that ran long due to a client just wanting to have his problem heard by someone who wasn't related to him and hadn't heard his gripe several times before.

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Doctors, lawyers find common ground helping elderly

Experts say wariness of medical-malpractice claims and a discomfort that arises from occupations with different bodies of training has historically led physicians and attorneys to operate on separate playing fields. "There's been a mutual suspicion of the other profession," said Dr. Stephen Kramer (pictured), professor of psychiatry and behavioral medicine at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem. "They're both highly traditional and learned professions, and you'd think they'd have a lot in common, but the mindset is very different.

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