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Real Property – Contract – Materialman’s Lien – Subsequent Purchaser – Mortgages – Unjust Enrichment (access required)

John Conner Construction, Inc. v. Grandfather Holding Co. Where the plaintiff-contractors started working on the land at issue for defendant Grandfather Holding Co. before Grandfather Holding even entered into formal negotiations to buy the land, the contractors had no statutory right to file a claim of lien on the property.

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Tort/Negligence – Breach of Fiduciary Duty – Unjust Enrichment – Unenforceable Oral Contract – Landlord/Tenant – Prior Summary Ejectment (access required)

Holloway v. Holloway Although a familial relationship by itself is not enough to prove a fiduciary duty, the plaintiff-mother proved the defendant-son owed her a fiduciary duty after he convinced her to move from California to North Carolina so he could take care of her while she lived in a modular home that he owned.

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