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Criminal Practice – Plea Agreement – Sentencing — Unenforceable – Voluntary Manslaughter

State v. Rico Where the sentencing judge failed to make any findings as to aggravating factors and failed to exercise his discretion in determining whether an aggravated sentence - as called for in defendant’s plea agreement - was appropriate, defendant’s original sentence was invalid as a matter of law.

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Criminal Practice – Voluntary Manslaughter – Self-Defense – Evidentiary Discrepancies – Credibility – Jury Question

State v. Kirby. (Lawyers Weekly No. 10-07-0807, 19 pp.) (Robert N. Hunter Jr., J.) Appealed from Wake County Superior Court. (Carl R. Fox, J.) N.C. App. Holding: Even though defendant’s evidence supported his claim of self-defense, the state’s evidence supported ...

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