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Jersey Yikes (access required)

Sidebar keeps at home an extensive collection of baseball jerseys, cards, and autographed baseballs. His significant other has at times argued that it is, in fact an excessive amount of baseball memorabilia for a fully grown man to own and ...

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Correlation, causation (access required)

An inmate at the New Hanover County Detention Facility claims that he is being forced to drink contaminated water while awaiting trial. According to news reports, 27-year-old Damian Gore has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the water being provided ...

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A constitutional right to free beach? (access required)

Does North Carolina’s constitution enshrine a right to drive four-wheelers on the beach free of charge? One Virginia group is suing to find out. The Virginia Four Wheel Drive Association has sued Currituck County, seeking a court order to enjoin ...

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A man of conviction (access required)

Had a Virginia district court judge made his inappropriate remarks before a jury, Edward Kehoe might very well be a free man. Alas, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has found that since the race-based comments came during a ...

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The North Carolinian Caption Contest (access required)

In last week’s paper, Lawyers Weekly covered a proposed constitutional amendment to be placed before the voters this fall that would strip the governor (currently a Democrat) of the power to fill vacancies in the state’s judiciary and transfer the ...

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What would Robert Frost do? (access required)

The Little Linguists Language Academy in Boone had a problem—neighbors were using the circular gravel driveway in front of the school as a cut-through road. The academy’s owners, Daniel and Carroll Olson, concerned about the safety of their students, remedied ...

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