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A real legal high-flyer (access required)

North Carolina has been an innovator in aviation ever since the Wright Brothers took off from Kill Devil Hills (not Kitty Hawk, as is commonly misremembered). Now the state is in the vanguard of flying’s next frontier: unmanned aerial vehicles, ...

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A run for the border (access required)

As campaign messages go, it was not the closing pitch that Sidebar would have expected, but it was perhaps the one that partisan judicial elections made inevitable. Justice Barbara Jackson had the misfortune to be running against the partisan tide ...

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You say you’re just a friend (access required)

Sidebar loves to keep up with the latest news, but doesn’t like having to get dressed up for work like a grown-up, so he was delighted to learn that attorneys can now follow the goings-on at the North Carolina State ...

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Rushing to Judgeship (access required)

Although voters elect our state judges here in North Carolina, federal judges get their seats via old-fashioned appointment, and just as the state’s elections are getting underway the U.S. Senate is also moving closer to filling a vacancy on the ...

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