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A good place to retire (access required)

Turns out that Florida doesn’t have a monopoly on the retirement game. In a new list of the 25 healthiest places in the country to retire, four of the places are right here in the Tar Heel State, according to ...

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Litterbug on the loose (access required)

Man, those no littering signs that read “fine and prison” must not be all for show. Of course, the littering alleged in State v. Rankin was a little more problematic, perhaps, than throwing a cigarette butt out of your car ...

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Polar bear-tex (access required)

Give the North Carolina Zoo credit for trying. During the miserable cold snap that has given the Carolinas snow, ice, freezing rain and temperatures that border on obscene, the NC Zoo, based in Asheboro, figured, hey, come see our polar ...

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Barking up the wrong tree (access required)

When it comes to contributory negligence, few cases are as clear and unfortunate as the one that the state Court of Appeals analyzed in Proffitt v. Gosnell. The Dec. 19 decision centered on an 18-year-old who stood atop a tree ...

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Lack of jurisdiction (access required)

This Sidebar reporter, for whatever reason, always notices when a police vehicle is rolling out of bounds. For instance, when a Charlotte-Mecklenburg vehicle travels down 521 in Lancaster County. Or when a York County deputy is driving around north of ...

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Deer in the headlights (access required)

Sure, things are not always what they seem. But oftentimes, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Or in this case, a deer hunt. Allen Emigh appealed his Gates County conviction for ...

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