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Stick it to the Expedia man (access required)

The perfect vacation is a myth. Whether it be lost luggage, food poisoning, severe sunburn or switcheroos at resorts and hotels, the unexpected can ruin meticulously planned good times.    Some of us grin through the inevitable snafus. Others give ...

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Bond brawl brewing (access required)

Brunswick County Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Ola Lewis is butting heads with twin brother prosecutors over their push to keep accused heroin and fentanyl traffickers locked up under $1 million bonds. Lewis, who is receiving treatment for liver cancer ...

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A small gamble (access required)

March Madness is here. The time where college basketball fanatics, casual fans, and the wholly disinterested gather in office break rooms to drop off their tournament prognostications and a couple of dollars for the pot. But before you fill out ...

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No jury, no duty (access required)

A mailing snafu left a judge in Forsyth County so desperate to find a jury for a trial that he sent deputies out onto the streets and to a local mall with orders to round up as many volunteer jurors ...

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Capturing every word (access required)

Life-changing revelations can happen in the strangest places. For Jessica Sheldon, it was traffic court. She was tagging along with a friend who had to deal with a speeding ticket when she saw a court reporter in action and got ...

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I’d buy that for a dollar! (access required)

Rather than denying any knowledge of the drugs and paraphernalia found inside his car, or offering to Nashville police that a hitchhiker left it behind, Robert Coley Jr. gave, in his mind, a perfectly plausible explanation for why what appeared ...

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