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Civil Practice – Appeals – Interlocutory – Res Judicata – Respondeat Superior – Independent Contractors

Cameron Hospitality, Inc. v. Cline Design Associates, PA In this case arising out of a construction project dispute, the fact that plaintiff’s claims against the architect and the general contractor were dismissed does not also require the dismissal of plaintiff’s claims against the engineer who was hired by the architect or a subcontractor who was hired by the general contractor.

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NCBA section takes on ‘arduous task’ of updating lien laws

With so many diverse and competing interests, it's been difficult to get a consensus on how to do something everyone agrees must be done: Change the state's lien laws. Nan E. Hannah (pictured), head of the N.C. Bar Association's Construction Law Section, said recent bankruptcy decisions, economic factors, concerns in the title industry and other issues led the section to "take a really hard look at the lien law" this year.

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Practical Litigator: Who’s responsible for an injury at an unsafe workplace? Could be anyone

Construction accidents frequently give rise to third-party tort claims. Given the number of entities involved on major construction projects, the chances of identifying a culpable party that is not protected by the exclusive remedy provisions of the workers' compensation act are rather good.

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